08 May 2015

Languages Around the World

Challenge time. Name 10 languages. (don't peak and read down - seriously, try it)

Ok, now name 10 more. (seriously, try! keep going)

Now name 10 more. (i know it hurts, keep going)

Running out yet? Name 100 more. Now you are STILL nowhere close to naming all the languages around the world. There are over 7,000 living languages being spoken around the world.

How does this work?? Take a look at the following article. It's fascinating. As you read, think and pray about the thousands of languages that may not have had the Gospel preached in that language.


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hallie McKinley said...

I have had your prayer card for some time and have been praying for you. Thought I would check out your blog. It is interesting. Are you still in Africa? Have you adapted to the culture? Hope all is well. If you have a news letter please send one to me at hallievfm@yahoo.com. Thank you. Keep those eyes on Jesus. He will never leave us nor forsake us.