08 May 2015

Languages Around the World

Challenge time. Name 10 languages. (don't peak and read down - seriously, try it)

Ok, now name 10 more. (seriously, try! keep going)

Now name 10 more. (i know it hurts, keep going)

Running out yet? Name 100 more. Now you are STILL nowhere close to naming all the languages around the world. There are over 7,000 living languages being spoken around the world.

How does this work?? Take a look at the following article. It's fascinating. As you read, think and pray about the thousands of languages that may not have had the Gospel preached in that language.


09 September 2014

Lessons from an Atheist

I just read an excellent article and thought others might enjoy it as well. It was a great reminder to me on many levels. My main takeaways: sincerity, truth, repeat. The outcome is not up to me. My job is to do the telling. Hope this is an encouragement and motivation to us all!

17 June 2014

Do Muslims Know You Are a Follower of Jesus

This is a article I read that was encouraging. As Christians, we know we are to be salt and light in a dark world. What are some practical ways you can show your Muslim friends (or any friends, really) that you are a true follower of Christ? Glad you asked... you can read the article here.

10 June 2014

Yard Sales - North African Style

You might be amazed how expensive things can be living overseas. New clothes many times are just outrageous. So far, I've found 3 things that are cheaper in North Africa where I live: phone service, seasonal fresh fruit and veggies, and delivery services. Yep, those are about it.

So, what is a way people save money here? Well, stores don't have sales very often. Coupons?? Ummm...no. I tried to explain coupons a couple of times and just get blank stares, so I've stopped trying. There is one thing I've finally discovered that's pretty interesting. It's called the "fripe." It's basically an outdoor market of used items: mainly clothes, but also toys, bags, shoes, and sometimes other randomness. There are many fripes. Depending on the area, they will be just one day a week, two days a week, or most days.

There are great benefits and liabilities of the fripe.  Benefits: CHEAP!!! I bought a winter coat for the equivalent of about 66 cents. I took it home, washed it, and it's great. Liabilities: it takes time. You have to dig through piles of clothes on tables to find the correct size, check the fabric, check the zippers, etc. Also, there is no trying on the clothes. You buy at your own risk.

You'd be amazed at what you can find if you search. A friend found clothing from Walmart - no boundaries brand. I bought a purse for only $4. There are diamonds in the rough. You just have to be willing to search.

Tables upon tables of used clothes

You might even find a furry 80's star :)

09 April 2014

Should Christians read the Qur'an?

A great question - should Christians read the Qur'an? I think the answer for me to give would be it depends. It depends on your own spiritual walk and your reasons for reading it. Study it - probably not. Read it? Sure. Remember, it doesn't hold power. The Bible has power. This article is an interesting one that contains 3 views of why or why not.


17 March 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Saint Patrick? What? It is a known fact my favorite color is green - is that why I post about Saint Patrick's day? Why should I put that on my blog? Well, I came across an interesting article. I don't know much about Saint Patrick's Day except to wear green so I wouldn't get pinched. I hope you enjoy this article and think differently about Saint Patrick's Day from now on.


It's always interesting to learn about the history of missions and people who had a part in it. This article truly surprised me. So, go wear your green and perhaps pray for a country and/or a missionary today.

*remember: eat the fish, spit out the bones

13 January 2014

The Process (& Frustrations) of Setting-Up (part 2)

If you haven't already, read part 1 first.

I finally purchased my couch, a love seat, a bed, 2 nightstands, (fridge already purchased before I arrived thanks to my amazing team members), microwave, and oven. Everything I need to survive, I now have. Then it turned cold. Yes, cold. I had no blankets. So, I went to the store and scoffed at the prices, but bought a blanket. (just to be fair, I probably would have scoffed at the prices in the States, too - that’s just how I am). 

Every week I realize there is something else I don’t have. 
  • I was going to set a drink on my nightstand when I realized I did not have coasters. 
  • I was going to cut up my already cooked chicken when I realized I only have cooking knives - not any steak knives to set at the table (and I still have not purchased any lol). 
  • I spilled something, i know - not surprising, and realized I did not have a bucket of old towels. At home, we always kept a  container of old towels for cleaning up spills or other dirty jobs. I didn’t want to use brand new ones!
  • I wanted some pretty flowers for my house and realized I have nothing to put them in - no vase or glass glasses.
  • The power went out and I only had one candle and 2 small flashlights: No lantern or lamp (our power is very good here - it was due to a breaker wearing out and had to be replaced)

Some of the adjustment of settling in is just being out of my comfort zone. I know it sounds silly, but the small things make just as much impact as the big ones. I am having to use new objects to do old things - and it takes adjustment. This may sound silly, but at home we have these long spoons that are tea spoons. No, not the cooking measurement. They are used in tall glasses to stir. I used those spoons for everything. I don't have those anymore. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at my silverware and just thought "I miss those spoons." They were handy for so many things. No - I really don't need them. Because I used them so much, they were comfortable. It was my process. I didn't have to think about what to grab to do that task. Right now, I'm learning a new normal - developing a new process, a new comfortable. It's not really that it's hard. It is just...different. 

This whole scenario reminds me that this is my temporary home. I will be spending eternity in Heaven, and living in this world just a small amount of time. I want to have what I need to be settled here in a new place, but that is not the major emphasis of my life. If I can remember to keep my eyes on Christ, everything else will fall into place.